Saturday, September 4, 2010

SanJoseFujis Contest Mail

Got some mail from SanJoseFuji and bo is he generous i didnt even win his contest i think i came in like 8th place and he gave eveyone that posted on his question of the day cards for their PC! well here is what I got

A Nice 1995 Bazooka Ken Griffey Jr I really like this card for some reason the look i guess I wouldnt mind getting a set of this of ebay

Another Good Looking card nothing i would collect a set of but I love how you can see Griffeys Team Mates in the dougout

This Is my 2nd Favorite Card that he sent me I love how it looks like the 20/20 Set from 2010 Topps Series 2

Next I couldnt find a picture but its a 1999 UD sammy Sosa

And Last But Not Least This is a Ken Griffey JR RC By far the best Griffey I own and its just Awesome

Thanks alot Fuji your Blog is awesome

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