Saturday, September 25, 2010

Guarenteed Autograph Break

Got Another One of those and got 4 Packs inside of

2009 Goodwin Champions- Pujols Mini, Grienke
2007 Fleer Ultra- Delmon Young Mini Rookie Card, Pujols Year In Review, A few Other Decent Rookies
2008 Topps Opening Day- A Rookie Of Bronson Sardinha
2002 The Rookie- Justin Verlander Rookie Card

The Autograph Was Not as good  Heres the Scan

2002 Upper Deck Prospect Premieres RC SCOTT MOORE Auto

Scott Moore any one know the Base Value or if hes any good Thanks!


  1. Scott Moore is in the Orioles organisation currently playing AAA. The card has a high BV of $8.

  2. Thanks Tony! also if you havent yet check your PM's on SCR

  3. I'll go check now. I used to get emails to say I had a PM but ever since the site has been upgraded I dont get them anymore.