Monday, August 30, 2010

Group Break Win!

Yay I finally got something from a group break i picked the blue jays and got a curtis thigpen RC auto I dont really know too much about him mabye ill ask TMCD or Hairylemon about it but its for trade or sale and here is the scan

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Card Room

Hi This is going to be a list updated alot so if i am missing any cards that are listed let me know also ill ship these cards when i get a chance to for you guys but i prefer to when we trade but still i will still ship when we dont trade Plus you can trade cards with each other in this forum.


Masterpieces Manny Ramirez
Topps series 2 2010 Ubaldo Jimenez
Carlos Zambrano 2008 UD
Johan Santana UD series 1
2009 Goudey Justin Verlander
2009 Goudey Chase Utley Big Head
2009 Goudey Lastings Milledge
Torii Hunter 2007 Topps
Ledgendary Lineage Lou Brock/carl crawford
Turkey Red 2010 topps series 2 Andrew Mccutchen
Sidney Rice Franchise Histroy 2010 Score
2010 Score DeSEan Jackson
2010 Score Tony Scheffler
2010 Chicle Melkey Cabrera
2010 Chicle Tommy Hanson
 2010 Chicle Jorge Cantu
2008 Gridiron Gear Matt Leinart
2010 Score Nate Washington
2008 Gridiron Gear chris cooley
2008 Gridiron Gear Adrian Peterson
2008 Gridiron Gear LenDale White
2008 Gridiron Gear Antonio Gates
2009 Topps Andrew McCutchen RC
2008 Topps Heritage Jay Bruce RC
2010 Bowman Simon Castro RC Chrome


Masterpieces Hunter Pence
2009 Goudey Denard Span
2009 Goudey Jake Peavy
2009 Goudey Marlon Byrd
2009 Goudey Travis Hafner
2009 Goudey Matt Kemp
2010 Score Jacoby Jones
 2010 Score Kamerion Wimbley
2003 UD Rich Harden RC
2010 Chicle Ian Kinsler
2010 Chicle David Price
2010 Chicle Asdrubal Cabrera
2010 Chicle Scott Kasmir
2010 Chicle Russel Branyan
2010 Chicle Dale Murphy
2010 Chicle Duke Snider
2010 ChicleJoe Morgan
2010 Chicle Reggie Jackson
2010 Chicle Tris Speaker
2010 Chicle Nolan Ryan
2010 UD John Bowker


2010 Chicle Roy Campanella
2010 Score Chad Greenway
2010 Score Philip Rivers
2010 Score Brandon Flowers
2003 UD Aaron Looper RC
2010 Chicle Orlando Hudson
2010 Chicle Rich Harden
2010 Chicle Cole Hamels
2010 Chicle Justin Morneau
2008 Gridiron Gear Tony Gonzalez
2008 Gridiron Gear Michael Turner
2010 Score Gereld McCoy RC
2010 Chicle Luke Scott
2010 Chicle Carlos Gonzalez

Cards For PC

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Top 10

Hi thought this would be fun post here your top ten cards in all sports best one wins a free Jersey Card of their choice just for fun here is my top 10

1.Nolan Ryan TTM Autographed Mini card (1/1)
2.2010 Bowman Stephan Strasburg Purple (730/999)
3.2003 UD Mickey Mantle Magical Performances Yankee Stadium (26/50)
4.2010 Topps Series 2 Babe Ruth Hat logo (45/99)
5.2010 Topps Heritage Mickey Mantle SP
6.2004 Donruss Quad Bench/Piazza/Fisk/Carter (8/100)
7.2005 UD Mark Texiera Nasty Patch Heres link (from mystery Pack)
8.2010 Topps Heritage Municipal Stadium Seat Card
9.Madison Bumgarner RC On Card Autograph (from the game)
10. 2005 Bowman Chris Young Gold RC

Thanks now post your list below best list wins contest ends at the end of the week thanks

Ebay Trouble

Hello I got some trouble on ebay i bought a autograph cheap from this guy about 16 days ago and it was shipped about 15 days ago i contacted the seller he gave me a tracking number and i just have a strange feeling i got jipped so any help woulf be appriciated Thanks

Monday, August 23, 2010

Free Cards Mixed Stuff Part 2

Hello Let break this and give away Cards!

10 Cards Per Person But no raffle Tonight

Ok Lets Get into this!

2010 Topps series 2 Jumbo Rack Pack and single Pack

Doug Fister
Diamondbacks to Back Jacks
Joe Maur Draft Picks Card CYMTO
Matt Diaz
Chad Billingsley
Jeremy Hermida
Bud Norris
Michael Cuddyer
Aaron Hill
Scott Rolen
Clay Bucholz Peak Performance
Walter Johnson HOTWS
Gaylor Perry CYMTO
Scott Downs
Jake Peavy
Nelson Cruz
Angles Franchise History
Rafael Furcal
Jason Hammel
Melkey Cabrera
Chad Qualls
Corey Hart
Nick Punto
Rangers Franchise History
Stephan Drew Topps Attax
Freddy Garcia
Brian Wilson
Scot Shields
Doug Fister
Jay Bruce
Carlos Marmol
Aaron Laffey
Fernando Rodney
Brian Robert
Hunter Pence
Alex Gordon
David Huff
Victor Martinez Peak Performance
Reggie Jackson CYMTO
Randy Wells
Yadier Molina
Brett Garner
Luis Castillo
Brett Myers
Ubaldo Jimenez
Andy Sonnastine
Walter Johnson Ledgenday Lineage
Phil Coke
Omir Santos
J.J Hardy
Mike Lowell
Yunel Escobar Topps Attax
Daric Barton
Collin Balester
Colarado Rockies
Manny Parra
Francisco Liriano
Todd Helton
Andrew McCutchen Turkey Red
Chris Coghlan Turkey Red
Lou Brock Carl Crawford Ledgenday Lineage
Tommy Hanson
David Herndo RC
James Russell RC
Logan Ondrusek
Casey McGehee

Goodwin Champions

Evelyn NG (Poker Player Mini)
Cliff Lee
'Victor Martinez
Akanori Iwamura


Lastings Milledge
Denard Span
Jake Peavy
Marlon Byrd
Chase Utley Big Head
Matt Kemp
Travis Hafner
Justin Verlander

Ud Masterpieces

Manny Ramirez
Hunter Pence
(I took out 2 cards from here for my PC sorry Guys)

1988 Fleer

Yankee Stadium Sticker Card
Juan Agosto
Rob Murphy
A.L Slugging Shortstops Tony Fernandez/ Cal Ripken jr/ Alan Trammell
Julio Franco
Keith Hughes
Roy Smalley
Keith Hernandez Dale Murphy N.L Allstars
Rick Rhoden
Sid Fernandez
Rich Gedman
Andy Hawkins
Bill Buckner
Dave Dravecky
Pete Incaviligila
Chuck Finley

2007 UD series 1

Jeff Conine
Brandon Philips
Ryan Garko
Wilson Betemit
Carlos Zambrano
Chris Britton
Brett Myers
Adam Laroche
First Pitch aces Johan Santana

2007 Topps

Josh Fogg
Buddy Bell
Padres team card
Torii Hunter

Friday, August 20, 2010

3 Packs of Chicle 1 Pack of Gridiron Gear 1 pack of 2010 Score free giveaway

Ok this contest is running 2:30- 3:30 All cards are free il ship you the cards when we trade or when I can soonest get them out to you if you would like to keep them ill have a post that has everyones cards that I owe them so with out further adou lets break these ill start with the 2008 Donruss Gridiron gear

Adrian Peterson
Tony Gonzalez
Chris Cooley
Matt Leinart
Micheal Turner
Lendale White
Antonio Gates

3 Packs of chicle

Duke Snider
Joe Morgan
Dale Murphy
Reggie Jackson
Roy Campanella
Tris Speaker
Tom Seaver
Jorge Cantu
Russel Branyan
Tommy Hanson
Scott Kasmir
Luke Scott
Justin Morneau
Melkey Cabrera
Cole Hamels
Rich Harden
Carlos Gonzalez
Orlando Hudson
Asdrubal Cabrera
David Price
Ian Kinsler

2010 Score

Vikings Franchise Sidney Rice
Gerald Mccoy RC
Desean Jackson
Jacoby Jones
Kamerion Wimbley
Chad Greenway
Nate Washington
Tony Scheffler
Philip Rivers
Brandon Flowers

there is a total of 38 cards ill add 2 of my own to make it a even 40 the two cards are

2003 UD Rich Harden RC
2003 UD series 2 Aaron Looper RC

Thanks everyone can get 5 cards good luck!

stuff on ebay

Hi once again i have some stuff on ebay that you could bid on here they are bid if you want


New blog

Hello My name is Redsox101 or Matt and ive had a few blogs but both of them became way to cluttered and disorganized so im gonna try to make this one my main blog and on this blog i will talk about baseball, Hockey, Basketball and football and mabye some other sports. I will giveaway many things on this blog also including cards that People may like whole packs and mabye even memrobelia.
I will tell you a little about myself im a 13 year old that lives in California and playes baseball and basketball and i usually pitch and play 3rd base in baseball. I will try to get as many contest as I can up on this blog thanks and stay tuned for today im gonna get a pack and give it away!