Thursday, November 25, 2010

Update And Happpppppyyyyy ThanksGiving!

Ok so its been like another Month since ive posted but got some more recaps of stuff 1st of ive gathered a total of 12 A&G Mini's and someone might find those lurking in their mailbox soon :)

got a few Heritage SP's of Kurt Suzuki and Carlos Delgado
got out of a pack of 2010 Update a Jason Donald Redemption auto

got this also good that they just won the WS
Nice Cliff Lee I found
this Card books around 30$ good Prospect too bad for the yankees its not the best pic off it though
and just a few other things bought a Alex Arias on card auto from my LCS and pulled a Luis Aparicio Origional back thx for reading and please go over to these great blogs if you havent already
thanks and have a great thanksgiving

Saturday, November 6, 2010

wow........................NICE! 11 Pack recap

ok long time again put just busted some packs heres the common stuff then ill go to what made the break Long post so here we go......

(2) Packs of 2010 Topps Heritage
Carlos Delgado SP white Back
Reid Gorecki RC
Matt Holliday
Prince Fielder New Age Performers
Scott Baker
Miguel Cabrera
Carlos Ruiz
Check List
Core Four (ewwwwww Yankees)
Ozzies Aces
Adam Everett
Delmon Young
2009 wins League Leaders Carpenter/De La rosa/Arroyo/wainright
Cobb insert
Melky Cabrera

(4) Packs of 2010 Bowman Chrome
Justin Bour
Juan Urbina
Carlos Santana RC
Bryan Mittchel Times 2
Cliff Lee
John Hochstatter USA
Rosmell Perez Times 2
Jacoby Ellsbury
Stephen Drew Refractor
Taylor Green
Josh Donaldson
Ryan Howard
Jason Kubel

(2) Packs of Platinum Footbal
Brain Cushing
Peyton Manning
Percy Harvin
Steve Smith
James Harrison
Roddy White
Joe McKnight RC
Earl Thomas RC
Jimmy Graham RC
Andre Robert RC

(1) Jumbo Pack of 2010 Topps Updates
Mike Cameron
Kerry Wood
Matt Tuiasosopo
Roy Oswalt
Jonny Gomes
Derek Jeter All Star Card
Felipe Paulino
Gaby Sanchez
Elivs Andrus All Star Card
Jason Giambi
Eugenio Velez
Dan Haren
Brendan Harris
Jody Gerut
Mike Redmond
Dana Eveland
Pedro Feliz
Jim Edmonds
Max Scherzer Peak Performance
Marlon Byrd All star card
Kevin Gregg
Rick Ankiel
willie Bloomquist (lol)
Bobby Crosby
Alberto Callaspo
Conor Jackson
Brandon Morrow
Adrian Beltre
Ben Sheets
Luis Atilano RC
Jason Donald RC
Andy Oliver RC
Conor Gillespie RC
Alex Sanabia RC
Josh Bell RC
J.P Arencibia
Brad Liboln
Mike Leake Rookie Daybute
Mike Leak attax
Luis Apricio Cards Mom threw out
Tales of the game two hits two teams 1 day
Matt Garza Turkey Red
Ozzie Smith Ledgendary Lineage
Now This is where it start getting really good
Ike Davis Rookie Debute
Jason Heyward RC

Now (2) packs of 2010 Chrome football
Cedric Benson
Dallas Clark
Dwight Freeney
Gereld McCoy RC
John Connor RC Refractor
Jerome Murphy RC
John Skeleton RC(heard he was good)
Then the best hit so far is this

To tell you the truth i have not much ideas about football but if you would be kind enough ot let me know how i did and if any of this has any BV? Thanks for your time also all are for trade or sale i prefer sale