Saturday, September 18, 2010

Links, Mystery Packs,Group Break Info

Hello Again Ive got alot of stuff that has happened in the past 3 days im doing some mystery Packs which are pretty filed to the top with good cards and you will make your money back! well They are 12 dollars a pack and 2 are made the packs contain 2 autos 2 Relics and 2 Good Numbered cards Each Pack Is Great and ive rounded up the totals and both packs you almost double your money well also Ive found some stuff around my house just some autographed pictures from some 49ers and Raiders and also a Pedro Alverez and david price signed poster with everyone on the team signed also my favorite a 1999-2000 Sharks compleatly signed poster with Nabokov and all the great players here is the link to the video

also There is my group Break Still going on and its filling up pretty fastly 6 spots left and here are the taken spots so far

Redsox101- Redsox + 2 Random Teams
TMCD- Giants + 2 Random  Teams
Stealsecond- Royals + 2  Random Teams
Hairylemon- Rays + 2  Random Teams

So there are plenty of good teams left to sign up comment here or go to this link and comment


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