Thursday, October 28, 2010

What Generosity!

Ok so you can win a free whole box of 2010 Topps Chrome by clicking this link and doing the rules as he says

Its a great contest and i wish he gets lots more subscribers and it should be fun

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My 2 PC's LMK if you have any

ok so you all know about my Braun PC which is slowely growing well just spent around 15.00 on two items for my new PC

he plays for the marlins
Hes not Hanley

heres the 2

also its been a while since my last post i got a box of chrome heres the link Part 1 Part 2

heres some pack openings


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nice Pickups

Got some more pickups

Ryan Braun 2005 Silver #rd 158/200 RC card GEM MINT 10

got this for 9.99 Gem mint graded at 10 and its brauns 2005 Prospect card and its numbered 158/200

Sunday, October 10, 2010

wow Poseys sell good

i just put on ebay a 10 card Lot of Buster Posey RC for 25.00 and 10 minutes later its bought for the full 25.00 did i make a good deal?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just For The Heck of it

Im doing some Chores Right now trying to earn some money For Cards im working for a little while on different Stuff if you guess How much i earn by the time i stop then you win some free Cards a hint also

im dusting right now for 25 Minutes in earning 5 Dollars Good Luck

ill probobly close this in a hours or 2

in the event of a tie guess my 2nd Favorite Team in baseball and if no one gets the right answer then the closest to it wins Have Fun!

What Should I Do with my 40$ and LCS Vs Toys R Us VS Target

I want to buy Some Baseball cards with the 40$ that i got from Grades and Baseball im guessing about 5 or 7 Dollars will go torwards shipping for the Group Break So im gonna go to My LCS or Target Which one do you think is better?

My LCS Has High Prices like 1 Box of T206 Once was 110 For 1 Box and now its 65 dollars and the Packs of Ginter are 5.00 Each and i dont know and other Card Shop within 5 Minutes of me I live in San Jose CA and The Card Shop I got to is Called All american Sports Cards But the good thing is the stuff hasent Been Searched through

The Good Thing About Target is the Prices are very low but all the stuff there has been searched through i dont really hate Packsearching but i dont like it either i mean when im at target and theres a 44 year old man Bending and Looking closely at the packs Im kinda Scared Just Kidding But My Other Target In Westfield Mall has soo many Packs that havent Been Seached because ive gotten Quite a few Hits outta That Target

Now Toys R us Sounds like a very weird Place to buy cards but its actually decent again no Packsearchers but there is not that much Variety

I Wish I could Buy a Hobby Box but 33$ or more is not enough

So What do you guys think im gonna go probobly on Saturday to 1 of them and ill go to the one you guys suggest the most


Monday, October 4, 2010

Another One

Well got 1 more and this was a pretty good one from sweet spot ill make this a shot post


Got It For about 6.00

Sunday, October 3, 2010

1 More Braun Buy

Got this for 6.00 thats including shipping COMC I dont know which ones better COMC or Ebay also could someone find the BV of the Neftali Feliz Card  think its between 12.50 and 30.00 its this card

2010 Allen & Ginter Neftali Feliz GU Cleat


(5 Days Left Till Break)

Long time no post

OK i think its been almost a week since i last posted and ive got a few updates first off the group break is all done SCR is sponsering The T206 Box and Blowout is sponsering the Allen & Ginter Box also I went of COMC for the first time and its a little more messy then Ebay but for the time I Like it more because i just started my Main PC Player That im gonna start collecting lots of stuff for him and i just picked up this beauty for a pretty good price

Got it for 3.49 Pretty good with Markakis Mclouth Jones and Braun on it
I also got a pack of 2010 Topps Platinum and got this decent card
Im usually not that into football i mean ill watch a few 49er games and go to them  alot during the season but ive never been into football cards until now im trying to get more into them
Also Picked up 6 Packs of Donruss Threads baseball Packs 1 and 2 nothing but base
Pack 3 had
Desmond Jennings /250 Refractor
Packs 4 had
Mario Marinez RC /100 Refractor
Pack 5 Had
Numbered out of 999 dont know who he is at all
Pack 6 had
Don Mattingly /250 Refractor
Also I Posted this card to show a long time ago and then i lost it like 2 months ago and just found it yesterday and its this oldy
It has A decent BV and this is not the scan because i dont have a scaner i have a camera :D
And Last But not least My Ryan Braun Collection So Far
2 Of The Following
Im Gonna Leave Out a few cards like
2010 Topps Ryan Braun Base
Topps Town Ryan Braun
Opening day 2010 Ryan Braun
(3) 2008 Topps Ryan Braun Base
2010 Topps Ledgendary Lineage Frank Robinson/Ryan Braun
so its a work in progress my favorite card of right now is the 4 way Ballpark Card so Thanks for Reading and have great day!