Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What Should I Do with my 40$ and LCS Vs Toys R Us VS Target

I want to buy Some Baseball cards with the 40$ that i got from Grades and Baseball im guessing about 5 or 7 Dollars will go torwards shipping for the Group Break So im gonna go to My LCS or Target Which one do you think is better?

My LCS Has High Prices like 1 Box of T206 Once was 110 For 1 Box and now its 65 dollars and the Packs of Ginter are 5.00 Each and i dont know and other Card Shop within 5 Minutes of me I live in San Jose CA and The Card Shop I got to is Called All american Sports Cards But the good thing is the stuff hasent Been Searched through

The Good Thing About Target is the Prices are very low but all the stuff there has been searched through i dont really hate Packsearching but i dont like it either i mean when im at target and theres a 44 year old man Bending and Looking closely at the packs Im kinda Scared Just Kidding But My Other Target In Westfield Mall has soo many Packs that havent Been Seached because ive gotten Quite a few Hits outta That Target

Now Toys R us Sounds like a very weird Place to buy cards but its actually decent again no Packsearchers but there is not that much Variety

I Wish I could Buy a Hobby Box but 33$ or more is not enough

So What do you guys think im gonna go probobly on Saturday to 1 of them and ill go to the one you guys suggest the most



  1. Cant you pick up a Topps value box from Walmart? I've seen a few breaks and they seem pretty good. You get a few packs of Topps series 2 and 1 pack of A&G hobby.
    Or maybe you could save your $$ until you get a little bit more, I just picked up a hobby box of Topps Chrome from eBay for only $48.

  2. Thats a Good Idea I think im gonna Get A Value Box Mabye And Some new Chrome I really Like The Chrome To bad My Hobby Shop Prices Them for About 80 Dollars Thats Outragious any other ideas?