Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just For The Heck of it

Im doing some Chores Right now trying to earn some money For Cards im working for a little while on different Stuff if you guess How much i earn by the time i stop then you win some free Cards a hint also

im dusting right now for 25 Minutes in earning 5 Dollars Good Luck

ill probobly close this in a hours or 2

in the event of a tie guess my 2nd Favorite Team in baseball and if no one gets the right answer then the closest to it wins Have Fun!


  1. I think you'll earn $10 and your second favourite team is the Brewers.

  2. I'd say 20 dollars and your second favorite team is the Marlins

  3. you guys are close both of you i will tel in 20

  4. I'm thinking it's the Phillies

  5. ok so the winning amount is 11 dollars and just for the heck of it my 2nd fav team is the Brewers

    So TMCD Ill send some Cards your way once we do the group break