Thursday, November 25, 2010

Update And Happpppppyyyyy ThanksGiving!

Ok so its been like another Month since ive posted but got some more recaps of stuff 1st of ive gathered a total of 12 A&G Mini's and someone might find those lurking in their mailbox soon :)

got a few Heritage SP's of Kurt Suzuki and Carlos Delgado
got out of a pack of 2010 Update a Jason Donald Redemption auto

got this also good that they just won the WS
Nice Cliff Lee I found
this Card books around 30$ good Prospect too bad for the yankees its not the best pic off it though
and just a few other things bought a Alex Arias on card auto from my LCS and pulled a Luis Aparicio Origional back thx for reading and please go over to these great blogs if you havent already
thanks and have a great thanksgiving


  1. Hey Matt, Hope you had a good day. Loving the new pick ups! That sweet spot is great. I have a stack of Brauns and Ugglas here for you that I will be sending real soon, just waiting on a few things to come in before I send it.
    Happy thanksgiving bud!

  2. Nice Sanchez,they are selling really well on Ebay right now.The regular Chrome is going for around $35 plus.Hope you had a good Thanksgiving and didn't eat too much pie.

  3. yeah i just sold the sanchez for 34 and i think i could have gotten a little more mabye but thats a good price hope you guys had a great week