Thursday, August 26, 2010

Top 10

Hi thought this would be fun post here your top ten cards in all sports best one wins a free Jersey Card of their choice just for fun here is my top 10

1.Nolan Ryan TTM Autographed Mini card (1/1)
2.2010 Bowman Stephan Strasburg Purple (730/999)
3.2003 UD Mickey Mantle Magical Performances Yankee Stadium (26/50)
4.2010 Topps Series 2 Babe Ruth Hat logo (45/99)
5.2010 Topps Heritage Mickey Mantle SP
6.2004 Donruss Quad Bench/Piazza/Fisk/Carter (8/100)
7.2005 UD Mark Texiera Nasty Patch Heres link (from mystery Pack)
8.2010 Topps Heritage Municipal Stadium Seat Card
9.Madison Bumgarner RC On Card Autograph (from the game)
10. 2005 Bowman Chris Young Gold RC

Thanks now post your list below best list wins contest ends at the end of the week thanks


  1. 1.James Shields 2007 Exquisite Debut 20/20
    2.Carl Erskine Bowman 1955
    3.Carl Erskine 1953 Color PSA4
    4.James Shields Sweet Spot Bat Barrel Auto 5/35
    5.Clem Labine 1954 Bowman
    6.Carl Furillo 1957 Topps
    7.Jackie Robinson Topps Legends of the Game Stamp card 66/90
    8.Preacher Roe 1952 Bowman
    9.Matt Garza 2009 Topps Silk Collection 24/50
    10.James Shields 2007 Exquisite Phenoms Gold 11/15

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  3. Here's the link to mine.

  4. Wow! Its tough to follow the cards listed so far. Great cards people!
    Anyway here are my favourite 10
    1 2007 Topps Triple Threads Adam Lind GU/AU/RC/75
    2 2008 Goudey Bobby Thomson auto
    3 1987 Topps traded Will Clark RC
    4 2007 Exquisite Rookie Sigs Lind AU/GU/RC /199
    5 2004 Bowman Draft Gold Lind
    6 2002 Topps Tribute Bobby Thomson GU
    7 2009 Topps Silk Rich Aurilia /50
    8 2010 A&G NNO mini Lind /50
    9 2007 Exquisite Lind auto /50
    10 1953 Redman Bobby Thomson

  5. when does this end? and I'd like to know who won. thanks!

  6. ill make it ends at 8:00 and poll would you like to know which jersey card you wil get to chose from? and also ill add this to your Card Room which is new like prize closet from SCR

  7. so did I win? and why cards can you choose from if you win. sorry for the confusion

  8. ill do the poll right now and the choices you have are

    a lot of players for your PC (if i cant find any then choose another 1)

    John Bowker 2010 UD GU Jersey

    and the last 1 is 3 cards from my PC of Rookie and stars next post wil be the raffle

  9. In my opinion this was the hardest decision on PCs ive ever had to make in my life but in the end the winner is.................. A 3 way tie XD
    Yep that means each one of you get to chose 1 thing and its a race to reply what you want XD I love this Game

  10. 1. A lot of players for your PC (if I Cant Find any then ill make another choice for you)

    2 John Bowker 2010 UD GU Jersey

    3. 3 cards from my own PC

  11. Cool.
    Any James Shields,Longoria,David Price if not surprise me.
    Thank you very much for the contest.

  12. Chris Johnson, Percy Harvin, Andrew McCutchen, David Ortiz, any Steelers, Lastings Milledge

  13. sorry Kid cacria Hairylemon already choose that see there is three choices 1 is gone you can have the john bowker GU jersey or 3 cards from my PC

  14. ok that means Tony gets the jersey card card room has been updated

  15. well the only problem with that is i ship them sometimes to people i prefer when we trade but ill do non trades but i just spent 20 bucks shiping for ebay so mabye some other time ill ship cuz right now i cant

  16. ok. maybe we could trade then send me a pm

  17. You can ship mine in with tonys if you like as we both live in the UK. I have some cards I need to send to Tony, so it may save you some postage.