Friday, August 20, 2010

New blog

Hello My name is Redsox101 or Matt and ive had a few blogs but both of them became way to cluttered and disorganized so im gonna try to make this one my main blog and on this blog i will talk about baseball, Hockey, Basketball and football and mabye some other sports. I will giveaway many things on this blog also including cards that People may like whole packs and mabye even memrobelia.
I will tell you a little about myself im a 13 year old that lives in California and playes baseball and basketball and i usually pitch and play 3rd base in baseball. I will try to get as many contest as I can up on this blog thanks and stay tuned for today im gonna get a pack and give it away!


  1. Have fun keeping your blog organized :) I know its a tough thing to do sometimes.

  2. yeah just picked up a pack of

    2008 Gridiron Gear Football
    2010 Score and 3 packs of chicle
    so expect those up in about like 10 minutes